Skill Building Seminars

GIA's campus in India offers a range of Skill Building Seminars. These seminars have been designed with Indian market requirements in mind, which are targeted towards enhancing the skills and getting up-to-date knowledge on current and relevant topics related to the gem and jewellery industry.

These seminars are ideal for: gemstone manufacturers, gemstone factory workmen, buyers and traders, jewellery manufacturers, jewellery retailers, jewellery designers, merchandisers, sales and marketing professionals, laboratory and research professionals, and other gem and jewellery related professionals, hobbyists, and gem and jewellery enthusiasts.

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The major features of Skill Building Seminars are:

Convenient: These seminars are conducted in multiple cities. They can also be arranged on your premises, as per your convenience.

Economical: Skill Building Seminars are an economical way of updating oneself with the trends and skills required for success in their particular field (i.e. buyers, retailers, marketing professionals, manufacturers, etc.).

Customised: Skill Building Seminars are tailor-made, keeping in mind the requirements of the audience. Hence, they can be customised for a time frame which ranges from two hours to two weeks.

Seminar topics include Small Diamond Assortment, Colour & Clarity Grading, Cut Grading, Counter Sketching & Jewelry Design, Sales Excellence, and Merchandising.

Introduce yourself to the basic process of sorting small diamonds for colour, clarity, cut, and sizes as per the market
Course Highlights

  • Work with small diamonds up to 10 points
  • Sort diamonds based on sieve sizes
  • Learn the methodology of using a tripod, tweezers, and a loupe
  • Learn to sort diamonds by their colour, cut, and clarity
This seminar is designed to provide detailed information about GIA’s global standards for evaluating diamond colour and clarity.
Course Highlights

  • Understand the GIA D-to-Z color scale
  • Learn to grade diamonds with the help of master stones and also with visual grading
  • Learn about diamond fluorescence and its role in colour grading and value

  • Understand the 11 clarity grades of GIA
  • Learn to identify the different clarity characteristics and their impact on beauty, durability, and grade
  • Learn the factors that help you assign an accurate clarity grade
The seminar is designed to give detailed information on the parameters of the GIA’s Cut Grading System.
Course Highlights

  • Learn to judge the visual appearance of a diamond (brightness, fire and pattern) and how they affect a diamond’s appearance
  • Learn additional proportion factors such as star facet length, lower girdle facet length, crown height percentage, girdle thickness percentage, and other rare techniques like painting and digging out
  • Understand polish and symmetry and their grade setting factors
Selling products is a vital component in every business, and selling is a skill that needs to be mastered. An excellent sales team is what every business unit aspires to possess.
The Sales Excellence seminar is your first step to introducing your team to the sales approach in a methodical manner.
Seminar Highlights
Understand the attributes, qualities, behaviours, and results of a star sales person.

  • Develop the "Winning Mindset"
  • Understand how to win the customer
  • Learn the concepts of successful selling
  • Learn to build long-lasting customer relationships
Create a “GEM” of an experience

“G” – Grooming of self
“E” – Etiquette with the customer
“M” – Managing the conversation
Get introduced to the world of diamonds, coloured stones, and pearls with a focus on retail jewellery operations.
Seminar Highlights

  • Diamonds
  • Coloured stones
  • Pearls
  • Jewellery and its care
  • Sales and marketing
With a focus on retail jewellery operations, get a background into the world of diamonds and coloured stones. The seminar includes a combination of theory and hands-on training.
Course Highlights

  • Diamond quality and value
  • Important issues related to diamonds
  • Practical sessions on diamond colour and clarity
  • Introduction to coloured stones
  • Daily retail business
There is more to merchandising than arranging jewellery products on the counter shelf. An integral part of the retailers’ marketing plan is attractive visual display of products and strategic planning of the product mix to capture the customer’s attention and improve sales.
This seminar helps in understanding this important selling tool through intensive interactive sessions.
Course Highlights

  • Understanding merchandising and its types
  • Identifying competition and doing store analysis
  • Insights into products and visual merchandising
  • Understanding different market tastes
  • Setting up products in display
  • Techniques to boost sales staff confidence
Enter the world of diamonds and coloured stones with a focus on retail jewellery operations. The programme includes a combination of theory and hands-on training.
Course Highlights
Understanding Diamonds

  • History, mining and market
  • Diamond quality and value
  • Important issues (treatments, synthetics, and simulants)
  • Practical sessions
Understanding Coloured Stones

  • Introduction to the Big Three – Ruby, Sapphire and Emerald
  • Understanding important birthstones / Navratnas
Daily Retail Business

  • 7 steps to successful sale
  • Presenting jewellery
  • Overcoming objections

For more details and registration contact :
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Mobile : 081081 86683