GIA Melee Analysis Service

To address concerns about laboratory-grown and treated diamonds being mixed into parcels of melee, GIA has developed an automated system to analyse and sort melee-size diamonds quickly and accurately.

The GIA Melee Analysis Service separates natural diamonds from simulants, laboratory-grown and HPHT treated natural diamonds, and sorts the screened diamonds by colour range. Clients can also specify a size range for their parcel. Once sorted, the melee will be sealed in secure packaging for shipment back to the submitting client.



  • Separates natural, untreated diamonds from simulants, laboratory-grown and HPHT treated natural diamonds
  • Sorts natural, untreated diamonds by colour range
  • Screens 1,800 to 2,000 stones per hour
  • Secure packaging


  • Melee 0.9 to 4.0mm (approx. 0.005 to 0.25 ct.)
  • D-to-Z diamonds
  • Round shape only
  • Minimum submission quantity - 500 stones per parcel
  • Items must be thoroughly cleaned prior to submission


Disclaimer: No services are performed at this location. Upon submission, your item will be securely transported to the appropriate GIA laboratory and returned to its point of origin. Additional shipping charges will be applied in this instance.

Fees and service details subject to change without notice.

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