Labham – 20th February 2013, Bengaluru

  • Labham – 20th February 2013, Bengaluru

    Labham – 20th February 2013, Bengaluru

    Session 1 Growth Management

    Mr. Nikhil Ranjan, CEO, William Penn

    An artist, explorer, entrepreneur and a mechanical engineer by education. Mr. Ranjan began his career as a software engineer with IBM. Soon, his desire to start his own venture overpowered his interest in software. He decided that he wanted to explore and started William Penn as a stationery store in 2002. Starting off to quite a success, an expanding loyal customer base and growing demand for pens, the brand soon had several outlets across Bangalore.

    Mr. Ranjan caught the trend in pens as a luxury gift early on and transformed William Penn into a destination store for pens and high end men’s accessories. Today, William Penn is India’s first and largest multi-brand writing instrument chain store. An exclusive distributor in India for global brands such as Sheaffer, Carand’Ache, S T Dupont and more, Wiliam Penn has 22 stores across India.


    Anil Valecha, Shree Meghraj Brothers

    Mr. Nikhil Ranjan has shared with us some valuable inputs and key factors needed to lead in our businesses. I am impressed on how he expanded his vision and feel very encouraged to take my business to the next level.

    Key Learnings from his session:

    1. Customer is King. Your customer is your best teacher: Listen to your customer – your most valuable feedback comes from them.
    2. Do what YOU think is RIGHT for the business.
    3. Spend more than 50% of your time on the shop floor than in the office
    4. Measure beyond bottom lines:
      • Measure customer satisfaction.
      • Measure customer delight.
      • Measure employee satisfaction
    5. Invest in people & training


    Gauri Shankar, Desna Jewellers

    GIA has conducted tailor made seminars for us at EVOLVE. Most of us come from a traditional family run jewellery business and through Mr. Nikhil’s session we understood how constant learning can help break the pattern which we have been following traditionally and expand into multi-chain outlets with a corporate structure.

    Session 2 Changing Face of India

    Mr. Rajeev Gowda
    Professor of Economic Policy & Social Sciences
    Indian Institute of Management – Bangalore

    Dr. Rajeev Gowda has a doctorate in Public Policy and Management. He is a professor of Economic Policy & Social Sciences in IIM-Bangalore. Director on the Central Board of the Reserve Bank of India and a celebrated personality among the education fraternity, he is passionate about economics, environment, political and social sciences as well as decision and risk analysis.

    He has to his credit a university gold medal in political science and has been honoured with fellowships from the University of California, Pennsylvania and Loyola. Dr. Gowda is a featured columnist in several publications such as Business World, Deccan Herald, Economic Times and India Today to name a few. He is also an active member in various Indian-American organizations in the USA that raise funds for disaster relief and a fellow member of the Carnegie Council’s Global Ethics Network.


    Kamal G, Manohar Jewellers

    “The session gave us some great insights into the infrastructure and economics of India. Mr. Gowda’s presentation defined the role of our businesses very well in Indian economic context”

    Key learnings from his session:

    1. Changing Indian Consumer: Educated, Value Conscious, Urbane, Younger
    2. Emerging luxury ecosystem in jewellery:
      • Purchases have moved from traditional family jewellers to organised retail jewellery brands
      • Design preferences have moved from chunky sets to classy, exclusive and designer pieces
      • Consumers have graduated from gold jewellery to platinum and diamond jewellery
      • Jewellers have moved from margin-sold jewellery to fixed priced jewellery
    3. Changing business environments calls for signaling authenticity: GIA is helping jewellery brands to build authenticity among consumers by offering quality analysis.
    4. Changing Indian Economy:- Integration with Global Economy.
    5. Increasing discretionary Income & Emerging Luxury Eco system.


    VS Krishna Murthy, Sri Vasavamba Jewellery Art

    “Mr. Gowda’s session accurately focussed on jewellery business strategy in light of India’s economic growth”

    Session 3 Re- inventing the Jewellery Business

    Mr. Harish Bijoor
    Brand-expert & CEO, Harish Bijoor Consults

    A brand domain specialist, marketing quiz master and a coffee lover, Mr. Bijoor runs a unique boutique consulting outfit branded “Harish Bijoor Consults.” A member of the Coffee Board of India, he spent 20 years of his life in the world of Indian beverages starting with Brooke Bond Lipton India Limited and Tata Coffee Limited. His keen sense in branding and marketing saw brands like Red Label Special, TajMahal, Bru, Deluxe Green Label flourish. Under his brand management, Tata Coffee launched several value-added coffee brands in the domestic market such as Tata Café, Tata Kaapi, Coorg Pure Coffee, and Coorg Double Roast. He completed a brief stint as the Chief Operating Officer at Zip Telecom Limited, before starting Harish Bijoor Consults.

    Passionate about branding and marketing, Mr. Bijoor recently authored a book on Marketing Trends and is currently involved in two other books on core-branding and customer service mechanisms. An active researcher, Mr. Bijoor has published several papers on strategic marketing, branding, consumer behaviour, retail networks, rural marketing, marketing research and trend-analysis while also regularly contributing to business publications on branding, sales, distribution and related topics.


    Deepak D, Vijayalakshmi Jewel Palace

    Mr. Bijoor has indeed featured the opportunity of young India through the presentation, directing us to think in a more contemporary manner. EVOLVE was a good event conducted by GIA and JAB. We are thankful for their concern towards small entrepreneurs and jewellery businesses.

    Key learning’s

    1. Evolving Jewellers :- Generation
      1. Traditional family jeweller “Sheth Mama” Generation
      2. Royal ‘Maharaja’ Jeweller Generation
      3. Retail Jeweller Generation
      4. Corporate Jeweller Generation
      5. E- Jeweller
    2. Evolving Consumers– Younger and Impatient customer, moving from one-time use to everyday use jewellery, preferring international designs with an Indian touch
    3. Build retail relationships and research the ‘New’ Consumer – in the digital space
    4. Understand retail branding – It’s is the point of marketing and advertising
    5. Brand Loyalty is dead – Reinvent your service dimension – Customer satisfaction and delight.



    Manchaleswari Mahendra, Shree Lakshmi Gems and Jewellery

    EVOLVE was very well organised, encouraging us to build confidence and focus on the challenges in the business.

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