Coloured Stone

GIA Coloured Gemstones

GIA Gemological reports identify whether a coloured stone is natural or laboratory-grown, and provide a full assessment of the stone’s characteristics, and may also include country of origin determination for certain gem material. Issued for any loose or mounted, rough or polished material, the reports also disclose any treatments detected during analysis.

  • GIA Colored Stone Identification Reports

    These reports document the results of a full gemmological examination of a material, identifying the material examined and detailing such characteristics as colour, transparency, shape, cut, and dimensions weight and a colour photo. The full report states whether the material is natural or laboratory-grown and if it has been treated to enhance its appearance by an identifiable treatment. The report also notes whether the material is a simulant with no known natural counterpart, or if it has been assembled from two or more separate components.

    GIA Colored Stone Identification Reports are issued on any polished or rough, loose or mounted gem material. Natural Ruby, Sapphire, Emerald, Tourmaline and Alexandrite received a report format tailored to the specific gem material.

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  • GIA Colored Stone Origin Reports

    Available for Ruby, Sapphire, Emerald, or Tourmaline, these reports contain all of the same information as the GIA Identification Report with the added determination of the geographic origin when it is possible to establish.

    This report is issued on any polished or rough, loose or mounted, natural Ruby, Sapphire, Emerald, or Tourmaline.

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Accompanies a GIA report and is one to two pages, detailing the attributes of especially noteworthy or unique gemstones. The letter includes a face-up photo, a micro photo, and comments on the gemological properties such as colour, size, and clarity that make the gemstone unique. The stone must be vetted by the senior gemological staff before a Notable Letter is created.


Sets out all the supporting data that underlies the conclusions reached in an Identification or Identification & Origin Report. This multiple report is delivered enclosed in its own attractive hard folder. Available upon request.


Augments the data of a GIA report by documenting the full identification and origin determination process, as well as the gemstone’s historical provenance. Complete with photographs, spectroscopic illustrations, and supporting reference documents, when available, this presentation-quality, hand-bound book resides in a custom slipcase along with the gemstone’s Identification & Origin Report. Service offered on qualifying gemstones only.


Delivered in a spreadsheet style report, offering information about specific test types like natural or laboratory-grown, presence of heat treatment, glass filled, etc. No identification information is included on the report.


Identifies and determines possible cause of any damage since the gemstone was last polished. Results delivered as a GIA Identification Report.


If your stone has been recut, or you’d like updated report information like the report date or photo, you can resubmit your stone for Update Service. The original report must be submitted with your stone.


To have the results (such as colour, treatment, identification, or geographic origin) rechecked, submit your stone and your original report for Recheck Service.


Have the weight shape, cut and measurements (dimensions) of your stone rechecked.


Convert your Identification Report into an Identification & Origin Report. Original report must be submitted with your stone. GemPass is accepted for this service.


Confirm that your GIA report matches your stone. The original report must be submitted with your stone.


Microscopically inscribe a personal message, symbols, logos, or your gem’s unique GIA report number. Laser inscription allows you to personalize, brand or easily identify your gemstone.

Available for faceted rubies and sapphires, weighing 0.50 carats or more.


Save on identification and origin services by purchasing booklets of prepaid vouchers. GemPasses must be presented at time of submission and may be redeemed at any GIA laboratory location. GemPasses do not expire and may not be used for Express Service.


GIA gemologists will visit your business or home to provide an on-site gemological consultation. The gemological advice given may or may not involve the examination of actual stones. A written report on the outcome of the consultation will be available within one week of the visit. Performed at GIA’s discretion. 7 days advance notice required.