Accelerated Graduate Diamonds (Distance Education)

Now you can earn the prestigious Graduate Diamonds Diploma while you continue to work. What can be better than studying at your own pace?

With the Accelerated Graduate Diamonds Diploma programme, learn to accurately judge a clarity grade, distinguish a synthetic stone from a natural, and correctly read a GIA Diamond Grading Report.


A combination of theory and intensive lab practice will help you become an efficient, accurate, and consistent grader.


  • Economical
  • Learning materials are delivered right to your desktop
  • Dedicated instructor available to answer questions and support via phone or email
  • Convenient - submit your assignments online and receive immediate feedback
  • Flexible - generous completion times so you can study at your own pace
  • Hands-on training - see it all come together when you take the Diamond Grading lab class at a GIA campus

Course Highlights

  • Diamond Essentials - Distance Education

Become familiar with the internationally accepted and respected GIA Clarity Grading System and learn how diamonds are graded for colour and how colour affects value.

  • Diamond & Diamond Grading - Distance Education

Gain the skills needed to judge and grade the colour, clarity, and cut of diamonds. Analyse the role a cut plays in the marketplace and acquire the technical knowledge needed to make profitable buying and selling decisions.

  • Diamond Grading Lab Class - Practical (5 days)

Spend more than 18 hours practising grading techniques on diamonds that were carefully selected and graded in the GIA laboratory.

Ideally Suited For

  • Diamond Manufacturers
  • Jewellery Manufacturers
  • Loose Diamond Buyers and Sellers
  • Jewellery Retailers and Wholesalers
  • Working professionals wishing to acquire knowledge to further their career growth